Sunday, 29 March 2009

The capering generalist

So, the G20 Voice people have set up a Ning site (no, me neither) for us bloggers to get to know each other. I'm beginning to wish they hadn't. All the other folks started blogging c. 1953. This is despite the fact that some of them are 12. They are all enthusiastically setting up pipetubes (that's for recreational drugs, surely) and RSS feeds (nope). They all run massively innovative carbon-capture schemes while working for the World Bank.

The G20 Voice people want us each to run a round table discussion in our 'area of expertise'.
Shall we make this a poll? We could do a poll, right?

My area of expertise could be:

a) things a four-year-old won't eat;
b) the circumstances in which you can legitimately add the possessive 's' after an apostrophe;
c) Welsh funerals (with special reference to gob-smacking displays of rapacity and drunkenness).


  1. Rowan- not particularly linked but can you explain in a nutshell what the G20 protesters beef is? I feel slightly involved now having been nearly bowled over by undercover police officers in Euston tube station that surely surely must be in hot pursuit of protesters. I like to think so anyway.

  2. That was amanda by the way not the other

  3. Oh, policywonk, fear not. You could strategically realign the West's carbon emission policies by inspiring a clever engineer to design an electricity-producing machine that runs on toddler food-waste.

  4. Cumulus is Justabout, by the way.